Safebuy-UK Mission Statement

Safebuy-UK exists to negotiate cheaper, fairer household bills for its members.


By becoming a member of SAFEBUY UK you are joining a community of likeminded individuals…..

  • Our members pay a small annual fee of £10.00 this is used to support infrastructure and employment costs.
  • Our staff ratio is proportionate to our membership base to ensure Excellent Customer Service
  • Our stated aim is to ensure that energy costs are fair and affordable

More Members = Better Negotiation Deals.

We are not a switching site. We’re negotiators, here simply to get you the very best prices on your outgoings. Using the strength of numbers in our membership community, we are able to secure genuinely cheaper prices for all.

Safebuy – UK harnesses the power of its collective membership to develop sustainable relationships with domestic energy and other household service providers to secure the best deals.

Working on behalf of many, we have the power to demand the lowest tariffs and best prices not available to the single customer.

Concerned about the increasing power of large corporations and increasing complexity when trying to understand household bills, we wanted to fight back and redress the balance.

The development of Safebuy UK aims to promote the purchase of services in bulk for the benefit of its members (individual consumers).

Utilising the benefit of the combined pound, our passion and experience, Safebuy UK negotiates directly on behalf of members, accessing cheaper tariffs and discounts.

Developing effective relationships with reputable providers insures the individual consumer (members) remains at the heart of the discussion and savings can be assured.


To Synergise Consumer Spend to maximise Consumer Power


We work on the principle that we are stronger together, and we believe in empowering the customer in their financial decisions.

We are independent and do not want or receive fees for promoting services or products.

We focus on simplicity and transparency – your gas and electricity come from a National network to your front door charged by kilowatts per hour. Understanding and bringing down this rate will drive lower bills.

Price comparison sites focus on what savings can be achieved but the real focus should be on standing charges and price per hour. It is the only way prices can be reduced.

Utilising the combined pound (spending power of many).

Our focus is completely on reducing costs to the consumer.

Here at Safebuy UK, we strive to reduce the overall power of the Big 6 to create the Big 1 supported by a National affordable tariff per kilowatt hour – (this can be achieved for all).