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Consumer Empowerment

A mental state usually accompanied by a physical act which enables a consumer or a group of consumers to put into effect their own choices through demonstrating their needs, wants and demands in their decision-making with other individuals or organisational bodies in the marketplace.

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Our Promise To You

Safebuy-UK was created in 2019 to promote 100%, green electricity ( Off Grid ) and to enhance the power of the consumer to achieve this .

At Safebuy-UK we are angry!

We are angry at the rising cost of heating our homes.

We are angry at the slow pace that fossil fuels are being phased out in favour of renewable energy whilst our planet gets hotter and hotter

We are angry, nay livid, that as consumers we are almost powerless to do anything about it!

At Safebuy-UK we want you to join us on a journey to make a difference.

Our immediate aim is to increase our membership level to force change. The power of a united consumer is immense and we want to harness that power for the greater good.

We will also campaign for;

The end of the Standing Charge which hides the real tariffs we are paying for our electricity and gas – let’s have one visible rate – one kilowatt per hour charge (affordable to all ) so we know exactly what we are paying!

A Nationally recognised rate per KWH.

The immediate halt to 3rd party debt collection agencies.

In time, we would like to see local communities linked directly to locally sourced renewable energy such as wind farms or solar power plants and we will support such schemes throughout the UK

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